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In The Exchange with KB, veteran entrepreneur Kirill Bensonoff interviews today’s top innovators and people-to-know. Each episode gives listeners quick actionable takeaways from today’s leaders in blockchain, VC, trading and investing and other areas.

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In this episode of The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovation and tech people-to-know in business with expertise from blockchain to AI. In today’s episode, Los Angeles entrepreneur Heidi Pease joins to talk about her background in the arts, moving into the business of blockchain, the day-to-day of running distributed LA Blockchain Lab and Proof of Art teams, her experience taking blockchain into academic institutions, noteworthy blockchain use-cases and much more.

Boston entrepreneur Rob May joins to talk about how he began as an engineer, his greatest challenges and lessons learned in the growth of his startups that resulted in successful enterprise acquisitions, the reasons why he’s involved in 45+ portfolio companies as an angel investor and what he’s currently focused on with AI and machine learning at his latest company, Talla.

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