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Adam Draper- Episode 15

Sci-Fi, VR and Venture Capitalism  -The Exchange with Adam Draper

In The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovators and business leaders to know. In this latest episode, KB is joined by Adam Draper, managing partner of Boost VC. 

Learn more about our guest:

Adam Draper is the founder and managing director of Boost VC, a pre-seed venture fund and an accelerator with a focus on Sci-Fi tech. Adam is a two-time entrepreneur and a fourth generation venture capitalist, and he led a number of visionary early-stage investments in companies such as Coinbase, Xapo, Etherscan, Wyre and a number of VR and other companies.

Visit: or follow him on Twitter @AdamDraper


00:00 Intro

00:20 Background

01:27 Boost VC

02:47 4th Generation VC

04:36 A family business

06:48 Investment thesis

11:15 The current cycle of crypto

15:05 VR and blockchain converging

18:06 NFT’s as collectibles

19:38 Facebook and Libra

23:07 The Zuckerberg allegations

27:05 Impact on younger generations

28:21 Fundraising for crypto

29:28 2020: The year of VR

32:24 VR for business

35:00 Lightning round

38:52 Conclusion


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