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Alex Adelman – Episode 23

Earning Bitcoin With E-Commerce  -The Exchange with Alex Adelman

In The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovators and business leaders to know. In today’s episode, KB is joined by Alex Adelman, CEO & Co-founder of Lolli which rewards online shoppers with bitcoin.

Learn more about our guest:

Alex Adelman is the CEO & Co-founder of Lolli, a rewards application that lets people earn bitcoin when they shop online. Alex has also served as the CEO & Co-founder of Cosmic, the leading e-commerce gateway, which was acquired by PopSugar in ’15 and then by Ebates in ’17. He has also been listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Retail & E-Commerce.

Visit: and follow him on Twitter: @alexadelman and @trylolli 


00:00 Welcome and introduction

01:02 About Cosmic

03:34 Starting in E-commerce

05:53 Building the Cosmic team

09:03 Will remote work scale?

11:50 Dealing with hiring

14:13 What is Lolli?

16:57 How Lolli works

18:01 Creating accessibility

20:23 Bitcoin pushback

23:21 Challenges for Lolli

25:43 Adding other cryptos

28:14 Merchants and bitcoin volatility

28:50 Stance on Libra and stablecoins

31:54 What’s next for Lolli?

33:55 Conclusion

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