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Chrissa McFarlane – Episode 10

From the Bronx to Blockchain: The Exchange with Chrissa McFarlane

In The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovators and business leaders to know. In this latest episode, Bensonoff is joined by Chrissa McFarlane, who discusses her journey from the Bronx to working in blockchain for healthcare as the Founder and CEO of Patientory, Inc.

Learn more about our guest:

Chrissa McFarlane is the Founder and CEO of Patientory, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta and a contributor for Forbes on Healthcare and Blockchain topics. McFarlane founded Patientory in 2015, and has published international healthcare research, helping to create breakthrough digital health companies that have provided services to companies such as Tumblr, Blue Apron, Casper, and Meetup.

Check out her website or her Twitter @chrissatanelia and @patientory.

Check out these references from the episode:

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Background
01:39 Healthcare is broken
02:38 Evolution of the EHR
03:56 Introduction to Patientory
06:16 Introduction to blockchain
08:43 Healthcare approach to blockchain
12:51 Modernizing healthcare
14:00 How does Patientory work?
16:15 The PTOY token
17:35 Hosting an ICO: Looking back
19:10 Providing tokens to the masses
20:22 The evolution of crowdfunding
22:04 STO’s around the globe
23:18 The utility token trend
24:38 Blockchain adoption
26:06 Available apps
26:43 Lightning round
28:32 Conclusion

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