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David Fragale- Episode 3

Mining, Blockchain and the Internet of Things- The Exchange with David Fragale of Atonomi.

In this episode of The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovation and tech people-to-know in business with expertise from blockchain to AI. In this latest episode, Kirill speaks to Atonomi co-founder David Fragale on his West Virginian roots, the intricacies of mining online and in real life, his transition to MIT, blockchain technology, the state of cryptocurrency regulation and much more.

Learn more about our guest:

David Fragale is the co-founder of Atonomi, a decentralized trust and security protocol created for the Internet of Things (IoT). Atonomi is a spin-out of a VC-backed, IoT Security company named CENTRI Technology, based in Seattle, WA. The Atonomi protocol enables secure, multi-vendor interoperability for the billions of IoT devices through its device identity and reputation system. Atonomi recently completed a $25M token sale and launched its beta product in May of this year. For more on Atonomi visit here: and follow them on Twitter at @Atonomi


00:05 Welcome
00:17 Introduction to David Fragale
01:20 West Virginian roots and development potential
08:20 Coal and digital currency mining
16:18 Transition to MIT
18:05 Partnering with governments
22:47 Getting into Bitcoin and blockchain
27:40 Take on the market
32:20 Regulatory presences and ideals
39:19 Addressing limits
41:22 Favorite blockchain use-cases
48:33 Benefits for the developing world
48:52 Atonomi and the the Internet of Things (IoT)
52:50 Device communication protocols and standards
57:09 What’s next for David Fragale
58:50 Conclusion

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