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Nick Soman – Episode 19

Achieving Affordable Healthcare -The Exchange with Nick Soman

In The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovators and business leaders to know. In this latest episode, KB is joined by Nick Soman, CEO of Decent.

Learn more about our guest:

Nick Soman is the founder and CEO, of Decent, a company that is charting a new path forward for affordable health insurance in America. Nick is also a serial entrepreneur who scaled his first company to millions of users and successfully sold it to Napster prior to becoming Growth Lead at Gusto. Along with his vast experience as an entrepreneur, Soman also holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Stanford University.


Visit: and follow them on Twitter: @decent



00:00 Introduction and welcome

00:42 Background

03:30 Founding Decent

07:28 Healthcare for all

08:51 Decent in detail

12:17 Eligibility

13:25 Delivering lower-priced insurance

17:27 Decent reception

20:33 Direct primary care

23:05 The concierge option versus others

26:03 The US healthcare system

28:20 What’s driving healthcare costs?

34:33 Motivations for healthcare workers

36:29 Utilizing blockchain

39:48 Plans for Decent

41:47 Seeking allies

42:05 Conclusion

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