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Patrick South – Episode 13

Cryptocurrency, The Cloud and Blockchain- The Exchange with Patrick South

In The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovators and business leaders to know. In this latest episode, Bensonoff is joined by Patrick South, Vice President of Development for the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Learn more about our guest:

Patrick South is the Vice President of Development for the Chamber of Digital Commerce. Prior to joining the Chamber, he was the blockchain practice lead at Accenture Federal Services and has spent the majority of his career focused on the defense sector and intelligence community, with experience operating across the renewable energy and satellite imagery industries. During his career, Patrick has applied his program management and systems development knowledge to help clients “pivot to the new” by rethinking how they serve customers and end users, and build and deliver next generation applications across various technology platforms.

Visit: or check out Twitter: @patricksouth


00:00 Intro
00:48 Background
02:58 Starting with AWS
04:20 Introduction to crypto
08:29 Public blockchains vs permissioned blockchains
12:22 The Chamber of Digital Commerce
17:07 Blockchain and crypto in the public mind
21:09 The SEC’s true motive
23:37 Securities regulations
26:16 Guidance for issuers
30:20 AML
35:00 Chainalysis and other developments
38:32 International perspective
42:54 Lightning round
43:18 Conclusion

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