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Zac Prince – Episode 20

Blockchain, Crypto-Backed Loans and BlockFi -The Exchange with Zac Prince

In The Exchange with KB, host Kirill Bensonoff continues his series of interviews with today’s top innovators and business leaders to know. In this latest episode, KB is joined by Zac Prince Founder of BlockFi. 

Learn more about our guest:

Zac Prince is the founder of BlockFi, which provides access to high-interest crypto accounts and low-cost credit products to clients worldwide. His experience also includes leadership roles at multiple successful tech companies. Prior to starting BlockFi, he led business development teams at Orchard Platform, a broker-dealer and RIA in the online lending sector, and Zibby, an online consumer lender. Zac also holds qualifications from Texas State University and holds a BA in International Business.

Visit: and follow him on Twitter: @BlockFiZac


00:00 Introduction and welcome

00:36 Background

02:58 Starting BlockFi

05:13 The BlockFi business model

06:58 BlockFi cards

09:16 Crypto-backed loans

11:00 Bitcoin beyond the hype

14:00 The challenge in finding VC’s

16:00 Roadblocks to crypto adoption

18:14 What is crypto really?

20:22 BlockFi and stablecoins

22:00 Tokenizing other assets

24:00 Globalization of crypto

27:25 Savings on the blockchain

28:36 Regulation in flux

31:05 Sovereign cryptocurrencies

31:48 Regulatory clarity

34:27 What’s next for BlockFi?

35:00 Conclusion

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